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Thank you for choosing to book with Gold Coast Property Photography real estate media.

To organise your session, the first thing you will need to do is determine whether you're needing a Real Estate Photography session, or Display and Portfolio session. For day-to-day real estate listings, choose Real Estate Photography from the table below. If you are wanting to use the images not only for real estate purposes, but for as part of your portfolio and additional marketing, select Display and Portfolio Sessions then build your session.

For Real Estate Photography sessions, you will then you need to select whether you would prefer a Daylight or Twilight time slot for your property, then choose the number of images which best suits your property and marketing needs. After you've selected your preferred session, you can then add optional extras such as Drone Photography to build a custom package to suit your needs. Once you've finished building your photo package, select the Continue button to see all available time slots that suit your session needs.

To ensure that you get your preferred date and time, all sessions are saved as pending at the time of booking and will be manually approved via email or phone call. In the unlikely event that a clash occurs or if more details are needed for your booking, I will be in touch to make alternate arrangements to get your session underway as quickly as possible.

Real Estate Photography sessions are the perfect option for most people who are looking to list a property for sale or for rent. Each session includes a Standard Real Estate License which is perfect for typical, everyday listings. Daylight Photography suits most properties and is the standard across the industry for all types of listings.

These sessions are booked per property* and may not suitable for photography of Displays/Showrooms, Off the Plan projects or for images of projects that are to be used as part of an ongoing portfolio.

*All sessions are booked on a per property basis, eg; a 16 image session cannot be split between multiple apartments or properties

For more information on Licensing and which license is right for you, please visit the Terms of Hire page