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Jamie Auld - Real Estate Photographer for Gold Coast Property PhotographyHello, my name is Jamie Auld and I am the owner and photographer of Gold Coast Property Photography. Independently owned and operated, I started my career in photography by shooting weddings and portraiture in 2009. In 2012 I began approaching agencies and taking photos of any architectural landmark I could. This began my move into the real estate and architectural world of photography.

My goal was simple; to create the best images I could for my clients by taking feedback I was receiving, of both my own work and others to learn what people looked for in images. The most common thing I would hear would revolve around how people would look at photos online, then feel disappointed when they went to see the property in person. This inspired me to make it my mission to provide those I worked for the best, most accurate and visually appealing images possible.

What is the  GCPP Difference?

Gold Coast Property Photography aims to create the best images for all agents and vendors. This may sound cliché but it is true. But how does that attitude actually vary from other photography companies that are around? Here are a few differences that are often pointed out by clients who have worked with a number of providers around the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Property Photography focuses on the finer details in photo shoots and providing the best customer service possible. From the start of the booking process, you will be guided to get the best results possible from your photography session. This begins with a free download of the Property Presentation Checklist upon finalising your booking. The checklist itself has been developed through years of experience and feedback from clients to help you understand what is required for each photo session. The camera doesn't discriminate and sees everything in the scene, meaning the more effort you put into presenting your property for the session, the better the end result will be.

No outsourced editing of the images or video you order. I strongly believe that to deliver a quality product, the person who was on site should be the one to process and deliver the finalised image. While many photographers outsource a portion, or all of their images, I feel this lack of control just leaves everyone open for potential problems after delivery. By processing the images personally, I feel I am able to offer a better quality service to you.

Over-processing images is out the door! Following on from the above point about outsourced editing, in editing the photographs personally I ensure the images are not over-processed. An over-processed image is one where the colours, brightness and contrast are so 'over-done' that the final image looks unrealistic. For those who spend time looking at real estate listings, I'm sure you have seen what I'm talking about. A common theme in real estate photography in particular is extreme saturation (overly strong colours) and desaturation (completely flat whites and greys). I have seen, many times, images with skies so blue that it looks like it has been painted and walls that are so white they look completely sterile, even if the actual scheme of the property is an 'off white' or cream colour.

The goal of my photographic technique is to take multiple layers of a single frame and blend them seamlessly so the final result looks as close to real life as possible. Please visit my Real Estate Gallery to see some samples of the work I provide clients from their sessions.