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The Property Presentation Checklist

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The Property Presentation Checklist

There is no doubt that the decision to sell a property can be an overwhelming one, to say the least. From deciding when to sell, to whether you use an agent or try it yourself and eventually sorting out the marketing to list the property, there are plenty of choices you need to make each step of the way. One thing I have found over the years, is that once the decision to sell is made, both agents and vendors organise the photography but often feel confused about how to set up their property to get the best results from the real estate photos and video.

The question of "can you just Photoshop all that out" comes up a lot which isn't the best way to move forward in getting the best results. While virtual staging can be an option, it shouldn't be the first choice wherever possible as it can look very unrealistic and comes at an additional cost which can add up quickly. As a side note, virtual staging often also results in lower resolution images to hide the inconsistencies in the image which means some printers may not be able to use the images for signboards, fliers and other printed media.

In this photographer's opinion, its always better to get everything right from the get go. Set the property up to look its best, get the best results right away and move forward with the confidence that you have done everything you could to get the result you're wanting. To help with this, I have developed my own Property Presentation Checklist which has been developed by my own experiences and refined with the feedback from both vendors and agents to help you prepare your property to look its best, without wasting time on areas that aren't typically photographed or used in marketing campaigns; such as walk-in robes, WCs, laundries and garages. Many of my repeat clients, both vendors and agents alike, use the checklist as a guide to help owner occupiers and tenants prepare for the session and some even use it as a bit of a guide for how to prepare for open homes.

The Property Presentation Checklist is provided for free with every booking as a downloadable PDF. The checklist was originally designed for print but a bit of a tree-hugger myself, the current version has been optimised to be viewed on computer and tablet screens, however it is still printable for those of you who are a little more old school and prefer to have something physical in front of you while working.

Where to Start

Living Area, Isle of Capri - Gold Coast Property Photography

The Property Presentation Checklist has been a fundamental staple in Gold Coast Property Photography's day-to-day real estate photography workflow since the very beginning. Expanding on the various key areas of a typical real estate photo shoot, the checklist has been refined over the years of feedback from clients and vendors and my own observations. As it has evolved, the Property Presentation Checklist has become a comprehensive PDF that can be useful in setting up your property for photo and video sessions, but can also be a great reference to keep on hand for open homes and in person inspections.

The Property Presentation Checklist has also been created with live-in vendors and tenants in mind. My goal is to try and get the best results possible for you with the least amount of effort, hiding and cleaning only the most painfully obvious things we live with daily, that stand out like crazy in photographs.

So you may be wondering, "where do I begin?". The best place to start is always to start by decluttering in general. We all have things in and around our homes that tend to be, "I'll use that sooner or later", or "I might start that, tomorrow". These are the things that when preparing to list a property must be addressed before anything else. By starting to clear out, remove or simply hide those items cluttering your home you'll start to see the home as a bit of a canvas which will help you notice the little details that are prominent in both photography, videography and even in your listing's open homes. The process of decluttering in and around your home usually starts when the idea of selling comes into mind, but it can be easily overlooked as well when things move quickly. Each area that is typically photographed in a standard Real Estate Listing will be cove


For houses, start by making sure the exterior of your property is clean, mowed and clear of cars from the drive way or car port. If you have a pool, please be sure to remove the pool cleaner/creepy crawly just before the start of the session.
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Kitchen & Bathrooms

The kitchens and bathrooms can be some of the most important rooms in the property. Clear bench-tops as much as possible, remove unattractive or bulky appliances such as humidifiers, processors and in personal products such as medicines, toothbrushes and personal products.
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Living & Lounge Rooms

Much the same as the above, keep it simple. Clean the tabletops, remove clutter from the floor and remove unsightly cables or mess from around the tv cabinets. Toys and pet beds/bowls are another major issue with some properties so be sure to remove these from view for each main living space.
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Make sure the bedding is cleaned, simple and neatly presented. Remove any unsightly cables and again, clear bedside tables/dressers of as much clutter as possible. And finally - please, please, please remove any washing from the floor, bed or anywhere that will be seen by the camera. You would be surprised how often someone leaves dirty clothes on the ground, wet towels on the bed and even freshly washed clothing thrown all around the room.
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That covers the most basic steps on how to present your property for marketing and a great starting point for open homes. Whether you are a owner occupier or tenant, its recommended you follow this basic steps to get the best result as quickly as possible. If you are ready to book a session of your own and are wanting to have access to the full Property Presentation Checklist, please visit my Bookings page where you will be able to find the available session times that suit the marketing package you're needing for your property.